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CPA in Hesperia, California

Scott’s Biography:

Scott graduated from California State University, Chico in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Accounting. He received his CPA License in 1990 after finding a CPA Firm that performed the types of services required to qualify for the license.

Scott carried with him the hard work ethic that his mother and grandparents had always instilled in him, but more importantly a code of ethics that has never waivered. Always in the back of Scott’s mind, even at the young age of 25, he knew he wanted to have his own CPA Firm. To Scott, having your own business was tantamount to owning your future and Scott’s vision was no different than his Grandfather’s, a successful CPA with his own accounting firm, and his mother’s, also a successful business owner. This vision was hard wired into Scott’s DNA.

Working in the real world Scott learned that every CPA was responsible to help grow the firm; in other words, every CPA had to bring in his own clients to help the firm grow. This is where Scott got the ‘bug’ for marketing and his passion for finding ways to promote the firm.

Scott’s interest in offering a wider variety of accounting products with the hope of attracting a more diverse client base, expanding the company’s range, was often not what the CPA’s of the 1980’s usually desired. Scott loved technology, variety, newer, ‘bigger, badder, better’ accounting products and was often met with unwavering and, what he felt, non-progressive ideas of the older CPA’s. He knew he could continue on this ‘same ol’ path’ and become just another CPA in a white shirt and tie or he could mix things up a bit and take a jump.

He Jumped.

Moving from the Los Angeles area Scott spent some time in Phoenix Arizona where he helped a fellow CPA start his own accounting firm. Then he landed a job as a partner in a small and growing accounting firm in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

After several years in Oregon, Scott felt the need to return nearer to his home town and extended family in Southern California. The year was 1999, the end of a decade and to Scott a good omen to make a move with his wife and two young boys. He found a small firm owned by a husband and wife team that had a well established and respected CPA firm in the High Desert of San Bernardino County about 2-hours outside of Los Angeles.

Scott had always been intrigued by technology, ‘bigger, badder, better’ programs and new accounting products.

Scott has been in the High Desert for more than 25 years and has become entrenched in the growing community. Along with the usual services of tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll, Scott grew the firm by adding small business consulting, heavy tax planning, choice of entity, start-ups, and special services in the areas of Divorce, IRS Problem Solving and LGBTQ tax assistance, Profit Advisory Services.

To maintain his many licenses and certificates requires several hours of continuing education every year, but for Scott the minimum is never enough. He regularly takes at least twice the necessary hours. Expanding knowledge to Scott is much more than a function of maintaining his licenses; it helps satisfy his endless curiosity about the business of accounting, various industries and more importantly, helps his present and future clients.

Scott and Janet have been married for more than 35 years. They have two sons; the oldest is a Captain in the United States Space Force and their youngest, named after Scott’s beloved Grandfather, is a Staff - Sergeant in the United States Air Force. Neither one wants to be an accountant Profit Advisory Services. Scott has 37+ years' experience.

Maria Salazar - Executive Assistant

I'm Maria, born in El Salvador and raised in Southern California. I received my AA degree in General Studies from Glendale Community College, and later transferred to Cal State University, Los Angeles in my pursuit of obtaining a Bachelor's in Liberal Studies. I've been with Scott M. Penn, CPA, PC & Tax Solution Services for 10 years now. Where has time gone? I started my employment as a seasonal employee and was quickly welcomed to the team as a full-time employee. In 2011, I became a certified CTEC (California Tax Education Council) and later, in 2018, became an IRS Enrolled Agent (EA).

My desire has always been to create a positive impact on others. The best part of my job is being able to advocate for taxpayers when they have IRS Problems. Understanding and articulating the tax code is challenging on its own and honest and professional representation and ethical tax preparation is highly needed in the industry. I cannot say I have 20 years of experience under my belt but working for Scott M. Penn, CPA, PC & Tax Solution Services has been a wealth of knowledge as I continue to step forward.

Janet Penn - Office Manager

I work for Scott M. Penn, CPA, PC & Tax Solution Services as the office manager. My job includes several activities but is broken down into 3 primary areas: administration, income tax and payroll.

My certificates and education include being a part of CTEC (California Tax Education Council) and am also an EA (Enrolled agent). This simply means that I am trained and educated enough to do tax returns for the state of Calif and the IRS with these agencies' blessings. Although I do little tax preparation, I can answer many tax questions that arise for clients, saving Scott time so he can focus on his own work.

Most of my time is spent in administrative tasks and trying to keep Scott billable. I also do payroll for a few hand-picked clients. I also volunteer my bookkeeping and payroll skills for a local church as their treasurer. I have had that job for over 14 years and find it most fulfilling.

Work is challenging and at times stressful but keeps my mind active and working. We are always learning here at Scott M. Penn, CPA, PC & Tax Solution Services.

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  • Certified Public Accountants Hesperia
  • Certified Public Accountants Hesperia
  • Certified Public Accountants Hesperia
  • Certified Public Accountants Hesperia
  • Certified Public Accountants Hesperia