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Payroll preparation can be the most confusing and expensive operation in the bookkeeping equation. Take the confusion and cost out of the equation.

Currently you must perform all the hourly calculations and confirm that each employee actually spent the time working the hours they say they did. You’ve really become a babysitter.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this happened automatically so that all you have to do is peruse the employee’ s total time recorded? You no longer have to add up the hours worked that are claimed by your employees.

Payroll processing can also be very expensive, you can be stuck paying a fee every time you run payroll. Then you must pay for quarterly payroll tax returns to be prepared and what about the year-end forms, W2’s, W3, 940’s, and any state forms required to be filed. What if I told you that you can do away with these costs? You could have one low monthly payment. That would surely cut down on your payroll processing fees.

What about the W.C. word (worker’s compensation). You’ll no longer have to come up with a flat amount to pay your worker’s compensation company iust to start the process of covering any employee injury that may occur at work. Worker’s compensation can now be paid when you run your payroll, therefore negating the flat fee requirement. There would be no more worrying that the worker’s comp. calculations and payments made during the year were enough; just to have the worker’s compensation company hand you another bill at the end of the year, another flat fee.

Did you ever imagine having a dedicated Human Resources Department? There for you whenever you need them. Know the rules you have to follow when letting an employee go? Have your employee handbook professionally prepared to cover all the requirements associated within your industry and within your company. Did you know that having an employee handbook is a requirement when taking action against an employee ? Your employees have to sign the employee handbook stating that they understand all the rules and requirements of your company. This gives you the rights you need in disciplinary actions.

There are also many signs that must be posted in a non-conspicuous area so that every employee can read them; another requirement. These you can get for free from your Human Resource Department.

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